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Thirty-Seven Days Left This School Year, But Who is Counting?

Our school year is beginning to wind down and my kids are finishing up some of their school books. The most recent book they’ve finished is Just Write 1. For the final chapter of the book my kids were required to edit and “publish” one of their stories from earlier in the year. Anthony chose a riveting story about a guy named Bob. Bob has a troubling issue.  Without further ado, Anthony’s final writing project.

Bob Poops A Lot

      A long time ago there was a man named Bob Poops a Lot. He had a serious problem, you guessed it, pooping.

      And then one day his cousin shoved Bob in the car and went away. Bob thought it was dumb because it had no toilets. It was a dream car, but not for Bob Poops a lot. His cousin kicked Bob out.

      Bob landed in a chair. The chair moved up to a Doctor. The doctor said, “Stop pooping.” Bob Poops a Lot agreed. It was a long ride home. When Bob got home he pooped again.

The End

In case you forgot: Anthony is 6. –

Mallory went a different direction with her final project. She didn’t like anything she had written earlier in the year and asked to write something new. She also took the time to make a cover to her story and write an “About the Author” section. And now, Mallory’s final project:

God the Holy! God the #1 and Only

    For my whole life I had a hero named God. In case you didn’t know my hero is the God of Abraham and Noah. All until one day I had enough.

When I woke up one morning terrified, I knew what made me so terrified. My name is Katherine Kendra Chilai. When I was walking to school I saw this huge popcorn machine that had a sign on it that said “Free” and then another that said “Beautiful and Priceless”. But then I saw something that ruined everything. Lisa Recain (the girl bully) put a sold sign on it then got some classmates to help her move it.

When I got to school I felt rage, my cheeks were dark red. At lunch break I practically pulled my friend, Nancy, over to the Girls room. I stared at her angrily and told her everything and then I said, “It was free!” She looked at me trying so hard to be patient. “I think you need to be quiet and pray to the Lord to give you patience.” Suddenly I felt guilt. I had forgotten about my hero, the only one in charge, God. To this day, I take the shortcut that way you don’t feel rage, you feel God.

About the Author

Mallory lives in New York with her family and friends. She created this book because of her school book, Just Write. And yes, her hero is the one and only God.


Topic Sentences

Mallory and Anthony are learning about topic sentences this week. It’s a part of their writing curriculum. They seemed a little unstable in the concept so today’s assignment was to write a paragraph using a topic sentence. Each of the kids chose their topics and I let Mallory assign one to me as well. Then they each went to their respective corners to write. The first paragraph is the one I wrote using Mallory’s suggested topic sentence. Next is Mallory’s first draft. It didn’t seem to support her topic sentence so we rewrote together. After that both kids and I wrote a paragraph using a topic sentence I suggested. Next is Anthony’s paragraph. Being honest I’m not sure if Anthony’s paragraph says anything at all, but he did stick to his topic so we are going to call that a win. The final paragraph was one that I wrote to help them spot sentences that don’t belong.

George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. He was elected in 1789 by the American people to lead them because they loved and trusted him. He had proven his loyalty to America by leading the American soldiers against the British in the Revolutionary War. When the war had ended, George wanted to retire to his home with Martha, but it was clear to him that his country still needed him. He agreed to be their president because he loved America just as much as they loved him.

Princess MGoing to the beach is fun! But if you don’t bring sunscreen you’ll get burnt. Remember to also bring goggles to see under the water. You can meet tons of friends. So if you ever go to the beach be sure to like it, because it won’t last forever!!!

Going to the beach is fun! You can eat tacos there. You can meet tons of friends. You can swim in the water and make sandcastles in the sand. So if you ever go to the beach be sure to like it because it won’t last forever!!!

Playing with friends in the snow is fun. You can build snowmen and giant snowballs. You can use a shovel to build snow chairs. You can also sled down hills. Snow is fun until it melts away. Snow is awesome.

All boy, all the time

Every person should use the toilet. If you’re small for the toilet, it can be dangerous!! Be sure to know not to put your baby on a regular toilet. You can use a potty training toilet for your baby.

If you want to pass a test, you should study before you take it. Studying can seem boring or be hard, but studying before your test can help you get good grades.  I like to eat snacks instead. Good grades are important so you can move up to the next grade in school. Studying also helps you remember the cool things that you learned but might have forgotten. I like to study in my room. So remember to always take the time to study before each test.

How did you do? Did you find the sentences that didn’t support the topic?

Maria Travels to America Chapter 1

So I fail. M. typed up this blog weeks ago and I have yet to post it. It was my intention to make her edit and correct her typing mistakes. I have instead decided to embrace the flaws and let it ride. I’m writing this laziness off as you being able to see her transformation into a world class typer. Consider this stage 1.

We might be in this stage awhile.

My only concern is that posting a blog with this many typing flaws might kills my grammar snob genius sister.

I lied, I have two concerns. The second is that you won’t understand her story with the amount of flaws it possesses. I suppose you could consider this a cryptic message of sorts. Either way, I hope you enjoy her awesomeness.


  Princess M has something to say about history (with a 2011 flavor).




Maria ran to Sophia’s house.So Maria ran around the loop in ,Naples Italy.Maria was six year’s old.There was Maria’s best friend, Sophia.Sophia came running over to Maria.Maria and Sophia ran past Ms.Calina’s house.They went up to the Italian Sailer Ship’s there they met Maria’s mother.”Where is your mother Sophia”? Said Maria’s mother.”I think she’s coming”Said Sophia.So soon they met Sophia’s mother.Both girl’s father had gotten killed in a war.Tomorrow we will sail to America both mother’s said.”Now now” Said Maria’s mother”Let’s get home and have a sleepover”.

From the Mouth of Babes

So this morning when A got to his desk he picked up the two green pencils on it and declared with delight, ” I have doppelgangers.” Trying to get him to use those pencils was another story altogether.

Every school day I read a variety of subjects to my kids. After I read one subject, M and A write in their own words what they have just learned or, as we refer to it here, journal. A. hates to journal. It is the bane of his existence. Well that and Conan O’Brien apparently. A. is a complicated man-boy.

While trying to resolve the Conan issue might take some time and possible therapy, fixing the journaling is turning out to be easier than I could have hoped. This morning A. informed me that, “This would be better if I could write it on Rookie Writers.”

Can do, kid. Can do.

The following journal entry was not today’s entry. It might be more then one day of entries as well. His handwriting isn’t the best so it’s hard to tell where one entry ends and the next begins. The boy is only five.


A. has something to say about the Bible.




Abraham had visitors over and one was God. Abraham gave the people bread. Abraham told Sarah to bake a cake. The man’s message was to tell them that they were having a baby.

God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. He put fire and humongous rock from heaven. Why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Because there were only 8 people good.


Chapter 1

I thought I’d do a little intro as a first post. I know what you are thinking, that’s so avant-garde! However did I think of it? What can I say, I’m an original.

The idea for this blog came about because I used to write a blog about foolishness. It was kind of a big deal around here. This doesn’t say as much about the entertainment value of said blog as much as how simple our lives are. My previous blog has all but died due to neglect. It’s not that I didn’t cherish my blog; it’s just that it was the blog or the kids.

I picked the kids. And here they are:

This is my oldest, M. She’s 7 years old and recently started the 3rd grade. She’s also the reason I started this blog.  She’s still at an age where it’s O.K. to want to be like your mom. Not just O.K., but cool even and so she wanted a blog like her mom.

We did a little writing last year in school, but this year she’s really taken to it. I’ve incorporated a lot of note booking (or journaling if you will) into our homeschooling. M particularly loves writing fiction. For example, her writing assignment this week is to create a fictional character that travels from Europe (country of her choice) and settles in America. I’ll be sure to post it once M is done.

I asked M what she would like me to include about her in this post and she would like you to know that her best friend’s name is S and that S is awesome. What can I say? This is what is important to a 7 year old.

Next up is A. He’s 5 and in the 1st grade.

While M wants to be like me, A is my mini-me. He looks like me. He communicates like I did as a child. Knowing this, I have to say: I was an awesome kid. Awesome.

I think A can be summed up really well in this little antidote:

The other day we were riding in the van and out of no where he says, “You know what I don’t like? That saying ‘ Girls go to college to get more knowledge. Boys go to Jupiter, a gaseous planet made out of gas that you can’t even walk on, to get stupider.”

I understand where he’s coming from really. Who would want to be mistaken for a resident of a gaseous planet? Such an injustice.

Here we have the youngest of our brood, Little E. She’s 6 months old. She can neither read nor write yet. Yes, we are concerned by this.

E was diagnosed at 3 months with dihydropyrimidine deyhydrogenase deficiency. It’s O.K. if you don’t recognize those words, neither does spell check. It’s genetic. It’s metabolic. And most of all, it’s rare. We’ve been doing our best to learn about it and have been somewhat successful. In everything we’ve learned, the most important thing that I’ve learned so far is that no one really knows what is going on.

The result of her DPD* is that she’s tiny. At 6 months old she weighs roughly 8.5lbs. There are  a lot more symptoms that may or may not show up throughout the course of her life, but for now, she’s just petite.

*Not to be confused with Dissociative Personality Disorder. Trust me, they are totally different DPDs.

Next up are my husband, Big M, and myself, B. I’m not going to bother with a picture of us because we aren’t cute like little children. We met in college and are married almost 10 years. I was homeschooled before it was cool. Now I homeschool my kids. I was born for this.

So welcome, family, friends and random Internet junkies. I hope you enjoy. I’ll be back soon with some of my kids writings.