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From the Mouth of Babes

So this morning when A got to his desk he picked up the two green pencils on it and declared with delight, ” I have doppelgangers.” Trying to get him to use those pencils was another story altogether.

Every school day I read a variety of subjects to my kids. After I read one subject, M and A write in their own words what they have just learned or, as we refer to it here, journal. A. hates to journal. It is the bane of his existence. Well that and Conan O’Brien apparently. A. is a complicated man-boy.

While trying to resolve the Conan issue might take some time and possible therapy, fixing the journaling is turning out to be easier than I could have hoped. This morning A. informed me that, “This would be better if I could write it on Rookie Writers.”

Can do, kid. Can do.

The following journal entry was not today’s entry. It might be more then one day of entries as well. His handwriting isn’t the best so it’s hard to tell where one entry ends and the next begins. The boy is only five.


A. has something to say about the Bible.




Abraham had visitors over and one was God. Abraham gave the people bread. Abraham told Sarah to bake a cake. The man’s message was to tell them that they were having a baby.

God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. He put fire and humongous rock from heaven. Why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Because there were only 8 people good.



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  1. What lessons have we learned from your Bible lessons? You should always feed guests, The wife always gets to stay in the kitchen while the guests are there and if you’re not good you should watch out for stuff falling from the sky. Great Job, Buddy.

  2. Excellent narration of historical, Biblical event, A. Well done. However, my brain couldn’t quite help translating Sarah’s cake and the man’s announcement into the idea that Sarah baked a cake to tell everyone she was having a baby. Here’s my question: How likely do you think this actually was? Because I’m thinking, hey, it makes sense.

  3. Nice journaling, A! And I sure do like that you’re studying the Bible!I bet Sarah was very excited to finally be having a baby. Definitely a call for cake!

  4. Doppelgangers??? Good ‘Reading’ comprehension of a Bible story, A. I know many adults that wouldn’t get what you interpreted from that story! Hope your teacher gave YOU an ‘A’, A.


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