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Maria Travels to America Chapter 1

So I fail. M. typed up this blog weeks ago and I have yet to post it. It was my intention to make her edit and correct her typing mistakes. I have instead decided to embrace the flaws and let it ride. I’m writing this laziness off as you being able to see her transformation into a world class typer. Consider this stage 1.

We might be in this stage awhile.

My only concern is that posting a blog with this many typing flaws might kills my grammar snob genius sister.

I lied, I have two concerns. The second is that you won’t understand her story with the amount of flaws it possesses. I suppose you could consider this a cryptic message of sorts. Either way, I hope you enjoy her awesomeness.


  Princess M has something to say about history (with a 2011 flavor).




Maria ran to Sophia’s house.So Maria ran around the loop in ,Naples Italy.Maria was six year’s old.There was Maria’s best friend, Sophia.Sophia came running over to Maria.Maria and Sophia ran past Ms.Calina’s house.They went up to the Italian Sailer Ship’s there they met Maria’s mother.”Where is your mother Sophia”? Said Maria’s mother.”I think she’s coming”Said Sophia.So soon they met Sophia’s mother.Both girl’s father had gotten killed in a war.Tomorrow we will sail to America both mother’s said.”Now now” Said Maria’s mother”Let’s get home and have a sleepover”.


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Two homeschooling elementary kids, learning to write. Read, comment, enjoy.

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  1. Well, I’ll check back to see what happens with Maria and Sophia. I do hope to hear more soon.

  2. What a two stories about two crazy Italian girls!


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