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Thirty-Seven Days Left This School Year, But Who is Counting?

Our school year is beginning to wind down and my kids are finishing up some of their school books. The most recent book they’ve finished is Just Write 1. For the final chapter of the book my kids were required to edit and “publish” one of their stories from earlier in the year. Anthony chose a riveting story about a guy named Bob. Bob has a troubling issue.  Without further ado, Anthony’s final writing project.

Bob Poops A Lot

      A long time ago there was a man named Bob Poops a Lot. He had a serious problem, you guessed it, pooping.

      And then one day his cousin shoved Bob in the car and went away. Bob thought it was dumb because it had no toilets. It was a dream car, but not for Bob Poops a lot. His cousin kicked Bob out.

      Bob landed in a chair. The chair moved up to a Doctor. The doctor said, “Stop pooping.” Bob Poops a Lot agreed. It was a long ride home. When Bob got home he pooped again.

The End

In case you forgot: Anthony is 6. –

Mallory went a different direction with her final project. She didn’t like anything she had written earlier in the year and asked to write something new. She also took the time to make a cover to her story and write an “About the Author” section. And now, Mallory’s final project:

God the Holy! God the #1 and Only

    For my whole life I had a hero named God. In case you didn’t know my hero is the God of Abraham and Noah. All until one day I had enough.

When I woke up one morning terrified, I knew what made me so terrified. My name is Katherine Kendra Chilai. When I was walking to school I saw this huge popcorn machine that had a sign on it that said “Free” and then another that said “Beautiful and Priceless”. But then I saw something that ruined everything. Lisa Recain (the girl bully) put a sold sign on it then got some classmates to help her move it.

When I got to school I felt rage, my cheeks were dark red. At lunch break I practically pulled my friend, Nancy, over to the Girls room. I stared at her angrily and told her everything and then I said, “It was free!” She looked at me trying so hard to be patient. “I think you need to be quiet and pray to the Lord to give you patience.” Suddenly I felt guilt. I had forgotten about my hero, the only one in charge, God. To this day, I take the shortcut that way you don’t feel rage, you feel God.

About the Author

Mallory lives in New York with her family and friends. She created this book because of her school book, Just Write. And yes, her hero is the one and only God.


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Two homeschooling elementary kids, learning to write. Read, comment, enjoy.

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