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Chapter 1

I thought I’d do a little intro as a first post. I know what you are thinking, that’s so avant-garde! However did I think of it? What can I say, I’m an original.

The idea for this blog came about because I used to write a blog about foolishness. It was kind of a big deal around here. This doesn’t say as much about the entertainment value of said blog as much as how simple our lives are. My previous blog has all but died due to neglect. It’s not that I didn’t cherish my blog; it’s just that it was the blog or the kids.

I picked the kids. And here they are:

This is my oldest, M. She’s 7 years old and recently started the 3rd grade. She’s also the reason I started this blog.  She’s still at an age where it’s O.K. to want to be like your mom. Not just O.K., but cool even and so she wanted a blog like her mom.

We did a little writing last year in school, but this year she’s really taken to it. I’ve incorporated a lot of note booking (or journaling if you will) into our homeschooling. M particularly loves writing fiction. For example, her writing assignment this week is to create a fictional character that travels from Europe (country of her choice) and settles in America. I’ll be sure to post it once M is done.

I asked M what she would like me to include about her in this post and she would like you to know that her best friend’s name is S and that S is awesome. What can I say? This is what is important to a 7 year old.

Next up is A. He’s 5 and in the 1st grade.

While M wants to be like me, A is my mini-me. He looks like me. He communicates like I did as a child. Knowing this, I have to say: I was an awesome kid. Awesome.

I think A can be summed up really well in this little antidote:

The other day we were riding in the van and out of no where he says, “You know what I don’t like? That saying ‘ Girls go to college to get more knowledge. Boys go to Jupiter, a gaseous planet made out of gas that you can’t even walk on, to get stupider.”

I understand where he’s coming from really. Who would want to be mistaken for a resident of a gaseous planet? Such an injustice.

Here we have the youngest of our brood, Little E. She’s 6 months old. She can neither read nor write yet. Yes, we are concerned by this.

E was diagnosed at 3 months with dihydropyrimidine deyhydrogenase deficiency. It’s O.K. if you don’t recognize those words, neither does spell check. It’s genetic. It’s metabolic. And most of all, it’s rare. We’ve been doing our best to learn about it and have been somewhat successful. In everything we’ve learned, the most important thing that I’ve learned so far is that no one really knows what is going on.

The result of her DPD* is that she’s tiny. At 6 months old she weighs roughly 8.5lbs. There are  a lot more symptoms that may or may not show up throughout the course of her life, but for now, she’s just petite.

*Not to be confused with Dissociative Personality Disorder. Trust me, they are totally different DPDs.

Next up are my husband, Big M, and myself, B. I’m not going to bother with a picture of us because we aren’t cute like little children. We met in college and are married almost 10 years. I was homeschooled before it was cool. Now I homeschool my kids. I was born for this.

So welcome, family, friends and random Internet junkies. I hope you enjoy. I’ll be back soon with some of my kids writings.