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Topic Sentences

Mallory and Anthony are learning about topic sentences this week. It’s a part of their writing curriculum. They seemed a little unstable in the concept so today’s assignment was to write a paragraph using a topic sentence. Each of the kids chose their topics and I let Mallory assign one to me as well. Then they each went to their respective corners to write. The first paragraph is the one I wrote using Mallory’s suggested topic sentence. Next is Mallory’s first draft. It didn’t seem to support her topic sentence so we rewrote together. After that both kids and I wrote a paragraph using a topic sentence I suggested. Next is Anthony’s paragraph. Being honest I’m not sure if Anthony’s paragraph says anything at all, but he did stick to his topic so we are going to call that a win. The final paragraph was one that I wrote to help them spot sentences that don’t belong.

George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. He was elected in 1789 by the American people to lead them because they loved and trusted him. He had proven his loyalty to America by leading the American soldiers against the British in the Revolutionary War. When the war had ended, George wanted to retire to his home with Martha, but it was clear to him that his country still needed him. He agreed to be their president because he loved America just as much as they loved him.

Princess MGoing to the beach is fun! But if you don’t bring sunscreen you’ll get burnt. Remember to also bring goggles to see under the water. You can meet tons of friends. So if you ever go to the beach be sure to like it, because it won’t last forever!!!

Going to the beach is fun! You can eat tacos there. You can meet tons of friends. You can swim in the water and make sandcastles in the sand. So if you ever go to the beach be sure to like it because it won’t last forever!!!

Playing with friends in the snow is fun. You can build snowmen and giant snowballs. You can use a shovel to build snow chairs. You can also sled down hills. Snow is fun until it melts away. Snow is awesome.

All boy, all the time

Every person should use the toilet. If you’re small for the toilet, it can be dangerous!! Be sure to know not to put your baby on a regular toilet. You can use a potty training toilet for your baby.

If you want to pass a test, you should study before you take it. Studying can seem boring or be hard, but studying before your test can help you get good grades.  I like to eat snacks instead. Good grades are important so you can move up to the next grade in school. Studying also helps you remember the cool things that you learned but might have forgotten. I like to study in my room. So remember to always take the time to study before each test.

How did you do? Did you find the sentences that didn’t support the topic?